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Thema: GoT Ford Team Challenge (GoT-FTC)

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    Standard GoT Ford Team Challenge (GoT-FTC)


    hätte jemand Lust hier mitzufahren? Habe mich mit dem V8 angemeldet und suche noch je einen Fahrer im GT und Mustang
    General information
    The Gathering of Tweakers Ford Team Challenge event is a unique race that builds on our previous Team Challenge feature races. This event will see the Ford GT, Ford Falcon V8 Supercar and Ford Mustang FR500S, with one twist: every driver is part of a three man team, and each team consists of all three cars.

    The three cars will each be in their own class, and will be gridded by class as well, but the only thing that matters at the end of the race is your total team score. There is no individual driver winner in our eyes, only the team with the most amount of total points wins!

    The drivers in the winning team each receive a small prize of $5 iRacing credits, just to keep things competitive. On top of that, there will be a bonus prize of $5 iRacing credits to the driver with the least amount of incidents (but must have completed 80% of the class leader distance).

    Event details
    Date: Monday 21st October 2013 (the day before week 13 starts)
    Track: Circuit de Spa Francorchamps - Endurance
    Cars: Ford GT, Ford Falcon V8, Ford Mustang

    Setups: Open, but setups will be shared
    Grid: Rolling start, gridded by class.
    Fast Repairs: 1
    Fuel limit: 2 stops for each car

    Time details
    Practice: 17:15 - 18:45 GMT (90 minutes) = 19:15 - 20:45 CEST
    Qualy: 18:45 - 19:00 GMT (15 minutes, 4 laps lone) = 20:45 - 21:00 CEST
    Race: 19:00 - 20:30 GMT (90 minutes) = 21:00 - 22:30 CEST

    Unfortunately, we feel mandated to impose a small minimum license restriction before you are eligible to race.
    Minimum road license: C class
    Minimum road iRating: 1500

    These restrictions are waived for Gathering of Tweakers community members.

    Team Racing
    Unique to this race is a Team Racing aspect. Every driver is part of a three-man team, consisting of one Ford GT, one Ford Falcon V8 and one Ford Mustang driver. Points are awarded to each driver separately based on their finishing position. The final team score is simply the sum of the points of all drivers. Winning the race is 'meaningless', only the final position of your team is what counts! So there is no need to choose the fastest car.

    Choose your own team mates (New this season)
    This season we have opened up the team choice. That means you can sign up as a team of three drivers (as long as you are using all three cars). Try to find your desired team mates and see if you have what it takes to take the victory!
    Any drivers without a team are simply assigned into teams semi-randomly (we will try to balance the teams a little), so don't worry if you can't find a team, just sign up anyway!

    Team car skins
    It would be cool if your team had matching car skins, but this is not mandatory.

    Points are awarded for class finishing position of each driver separately. Final position of the teams are decided by the sum of points of all drivers, the team with the highest total score wins. In case of a draw, the team with the least combined incidents wins. If there is still a draw, the team with the fastest (valid) lap time wins.

    Points for class finishing position
    First place in class: 20 points.
    For every position further down: 1 point less. For example, if you finish 2nd in class you get 19 points. 3rd in class gives 18 points, etc.

    Bonus points
    Bonus points will be awarded to the top 3 teams with the least amount of (total) incidents after the race. The team with the least amount of incidents gets 5 bonus points, the next team 3 points and the third team gets 1 bonus point.

    Furthermore, the driver with the least amount of incidents is eligible for a $5 prize!

    Prizes (iRacing dollars)
    - $5 per driver for the winning team
    - $5 for the driver with the least amount of incidents who completed 80% of the class leader race distance

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    hätte mich interessiert, hab da aber schon ein Rennen, und als ich Spa gelesen habe, habe ich schon nicht mehr weitergelesen, die Strecke geht mir einfach auf den Sack, weil die bei jedem Event gefahren wird

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